About Us


In 1997, Lake Fork Trophy Lures - also known as “LFT Lures” - was founded near famed Lake Fork in Emory, Texas. As the Big Bass Capital of the World, Lake Fork was an easy choice as testing grounds for all of the new fishing lures and products LFT would soon introduce to the market. The vision for the company was simple, and was built on three guiding principles: 

  1. To produce only high quality, innovative soft plastic lures made in the U. S. A. 
  2. To thoroughly test every new product on Lake Fork and on the Pro Tours before rollout to the fishing public, and 
  3. To provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction with a personal touch.

The original lineup of LFT soft plastic lures included: the Pig Claw, the Top-Dog Lizard, and, the Ring Fry. All three of the original lures were designed in-house and manufactured at an off-site injection molding facility. The Ring Fry quickly stood out, proving to be very successful on the water and in-stores, and was purchased by prominent retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Wal-Mart, Academy, and others. 

Fast forward to 2005, when LFT introduced a new lure design - the “Live” Magic Shad swimbait. Its rollout included four different sizes and matching, custom-designed swimbait hooks to allow optimal presentation in the water. Around the same time, LFT started production of fifteen other soft plastic lures, affirming the company’s position as one of the top brands for high quality, cutting-edge products. Today, the “Live” Magic Shad continues to be one of LFT’s best sellers and is an angler favorite as a trailer for many rigs, including bladed jigs.

Following the expansion of product lines and the success of the “Live” Magic Shad, LFT re-evaluated every aspect of the business in 2006. As a result, on-site injection molding machines were introduced into the operation at the headquarters in Emory, allowing LFT to improve production capabilities. Additionally, the new LFT logo was unveiled and the LFT branded fish became the new standard. One thing that will never change, however, is having the lures with an attitude! 

Ronnie Parker - along with his wife Anne & family - has played a critical role to the success of LFT since the beginning and have worked hard to expand the LFT brand every day. Through partnerships with national fishing circuits, expansion into the crappie market including the introduction of the Baby Shad series, and even the production of several television shows, the company has continued to strive to create quality and innovation products for anglers of all type. The Hooked Up Fishing program is just the latest step forward in LFT’s commitment to quality and customer service.